Had a bit of break from work and decided to meet up with a friend for Brunch. I got asked to pick and I decided to try Lola Stays as I had not been there before as it is relatively new on the Wellington Scene. I love how open this place feels compared to it, predecessor. It just has a lighter colour scheme. I was also surprised that they decided to leave the doors open one a typical Wellington autumn day as it did get a bit cold sitting in there.

Toasted Brioche with Sweet Crème Fraiche, Caramel Popcorn & Strawberries


This surprised me when it came to the table. It looked so good, I needed some self-control not to devour the whole plate. I loved the berries and the different texture of the caramel corn. The brioche was really nice, but it did need the cream fraiche and I did wish there was slightly more. I also liked the mix of caramel sauce with the brioche. Overall a great dish if you want something slightly on the sweeter side for breakfast.

Flat White

A nice good coffee served in a tulip cup with a nice dark colour from the espresso shot. A great coffee which you would expect from a Wellington cafe.

Overall a good addition to the Wellington food scene. It just seems to be another pumping Wellington eatery. I suppose I am not surprised as I have heard some other eateries in the area have gone downhill or shall we say left to float. Let’s just say I hope this place stays.

Address: 106 Oriental Parade, Oriental Bay, Wellington

Website: Lola Stays