In Auckland for a work conference and needed to find somewhere to eat that offered a Gluten Free option for my colleague that has celiacs disease. I thought why not try Fed. Although it is not advertised on their website it did come up on Tripadvisor and Zomato. The Fed did come to the party and have a menu that breaks down everything that my colleague could eat and so we stayed for dinner.

Chatham stand Blue Cod Hoagie


Battered Blue Cod, Creamy Slaw & Beaver’s Coney Island Mustard

Nice to see two pieces of battered blue cod, which was nicely cooked. The blue cod was nicely seasoned where the subtle flavours of the fish were not overpowered. The roll was toasted on the inside and the coleslaw nicely matched the fish especially with the mayonnaise they use. Also, the mustard complimented the battered fish really well with a slight kick. Overall a really nice hoagie.

Montreal Poutine


Fries w/Cheese Curd & Gravy

I just had to dig into these. The fries were nice and crisp and were not immediately soggy due to the gravy and the poutine. The poutine was really nice and melted really nicely over the fries and mixed well with the nice gravy. I also loved that it came with some tongs so it was easier to get the chips.

The Best Ugly Bagel 


w/ Salmon Lox, Cream Cheese, Dill, Red Onion & Capers

We went back for Breakfast because it was the easiest option for my colleague that had celiac. I decided to go for the bagel. It was presented nicely. The bagel was nicely toasted and such a simple combination that worked really well. I loved the red onion on the bagel and the capers. I nice contrast of sweet and salty with the salmon and cream cheese.


I was really impressed with the staff at Fed Deli. They are really onto it and are really well trained when it comes to dietary requirements. The food comes out really fast, I love how the place is based on Katz or a similar New York Deli. The food is good, there is something for everyone and I just love the Poutine.  I also had their bottomless cold brew, which I suspected was Havana Beans, not Supreme, which was really nice and also tired their soda Rickey Lemon which also went down a treat.

Address: 86 Federal Street, Auckland City, Auckland

Website: Fed Delicatessen