So my colleagues and I decided we wanted to dessert but decided not to stay at the Fed Deli because they had no gluten-free options. Previously I saw that Giapo had a gluten-free menu and suggested the place and everyone was happy to give it try.


Surprisingly when we arrived it was quite busy. I had heard about this place before and was slightly excited to give it a try. Once it was our turn to order we got to try every single ice-cream they offered on the menu that day. It made things so much easier but also so much harder at the same time. However, we all managed to get something.



Afghan Cookies

Cornflakes Chocolate Crunchy Cookies

I really liked this flavour and I loved how they put cornflakes on top with some icing or butter toffee sauce. It was nice and crunchy. The ice cream tasted a bit like an afghan with the chocolate cookies in the ice cream. I just really loved how they mixed the flavour with the crunch.

Roast and Smoke

Miller’s Coffee & Single Malt Laphroaig

This ice-cream packed a real punch. Firstly it was covered in dark chocolate, walnuts and small pieces of hazelnuts (I think). The ice-cream had a really nice punch of flavour with the coffee and hit of alcohol from the single malt and then you have the warmness of the whiskey. I really nice ice-cream with a great contrast of flavours and senses.

Hold Me:

Paraoa Parai

Traditional Maori Fried Bread

I love how this is on the menu. The Maori fried bread was really nice and fresh and a great holder for ice-cream.  A great idea of adding a bit of NZ.

Being able to try all the different flavours as I said was great but did make the job harder. I did also like the Whangaripo Buffalo Milk and their version of the Hokey Pokey. I was really interested in trying the Maori Potato, Parsley and Citrus. It was an interesting combination of flavours but what I did not like was the heavy parsley flavour. the service here is really top notch and the orders come through surprisingly quite fast. Overall a great place if you want a treat.

Address: 12 Gore St, Auckland

Website: Giapo