Betty Boop decided to meet for lunch before going to see a movie. She had not been to Press Hall and I wanted to try Fratelli Pasta Bar. As to be expected it was busy in the Press Hall. However, Fratelli was not as busy as the other places but did do a lot of takeaways while we were there.



with Pork Sausage & Pumpkin Mascarpone

I love how they put a handful of parmesan on the pasta. I also love how they use freshly made pasta in all their dishes. In this dish, the pasta was nicely cooked but I do wonder if it could be slightly more al dente. The pumpkin sauce is nice and the seasoning comes from the pork sausage. Unfortunately, with this dish, there is not enough pork sausage and the dish does lack seasoning which is a real shame. Even a bit more salt would do this dish the justice it deserves.



with Black Truffle & Mushroom Ragu

I really liked the look of the pappardelle, nice long thick pieces. However, I think it was slightly overcooked as it was hard to get the pasta. It had a nice mushroom flavour but again I did lack seasoning and a bit of salt would have hugely benefited this dish.

I do like Fratelli and their original restaurant produces make really good and I love going there. However, their offspring although it does sell good food could do with some adjustments in my opinion. I love how everything they use is biodegradable and the food comes out fast.

Address: 74 Willis St, Wellington

Website: Fratelli