1154 a new eatery bought you by the Scopa and what has been called their little sister. Mulan asked if I wanted to try it out. I couldn’t say no so we decided to try it out and asked some other cousins to come along as well. This place has had a complete outfit after the building was earthquake strengthen but still keeps some of the original windows that belong to the old building. The eatery itself is completely different to what I expected as you have to order at the counter and then the food gets delivered to your table. The menu is very simple but effective and I suppose they just decided to keep the K.I.S.S. mentality.

Canestrini Alfredo


Short (Basket) Pasta, Creamy Cheese Sauce & Chicken

They actually offer this as a vegetarian option and you can add the chicken which I did. I like how they add parmesan to all their pasta by default and also that there is chilli oil and olive oil that you can add by yourself. The pasta was cooked really nicely and had a nice al dente texture. The cheese sauce was not smothered into the pasta but I did have to add a bit of an salt to enhance the flavour. The chicken was really nicely cooked and I loved the spring onions added to the dish.  Overall a really nice dish, especially if you add a bit of extra chilli oil.

1154 Garlic & Rosemary Roll


These sounded so good, that I had to order one. However, I manage to get two, which was a real bonus. When they came to the table, the smelled so good. The rosemary scent just lifts your spirits. The rolls came to the table warm and the bread is soft. The roll is brioche and so good, and then you add the garlic, rosemary, rock salt and you have a roll that is just legendary.

Bucatini Amatriciana


Long (hollow) pasta in a rich tomato cured pork sauce

I went back a few days later and ordered this and I did not know what I was expecting when this came to the table. The pasta was really thick and I wondered how dense the pasta would actually be. I loved the amount of cheese on top of the pasta. I also loved how it was not overloaded with sauce, but I did wonder where the cured pork was. The dish overall was really nice. The pasta was nicely cooked and the best way to describe the pasta is that it is macaroni but at the length of normal spaghetti. The sauce was really nice and not overpowering and I manage to find the cured pork at the bottom which was pan-fried till it was crisp, which was really nice.

Although this is order at the counter style dining. The service is very good and very fast. If you are looking for a dine and dash place I would recommend this place, but wouldn’t recommend if you are a big group and want to stay for a while an chat. The food is good and the price point is good as well. You can also get raw pasta and cold sauces takeaway and heat at home or just go takeaway from the menu. I highly recommend the rolls and also a bonus is there is the Scopa chilli oil available to put on your pasta.

Address: 132 Cuba Mall, Te Aro, Wellington

Facebook Page: 1154 Pastaria