Came here for another Sunday cheap lunch as I was strolling around the city to see what was happening and going on. Decided to go back to Miss Kangsta because I had not been here for a while and when I do go to the Capital Markets they always seem to be busy cooking for customers. I couldn’t go past the popcorn chicken but I also wanted to see what the other offerings were.

Popcorn Chicken


This was a different variation of popcorn chicken that I have had here previously. This time it had more of a crunch. The chicken was really nicely cooked and I especially loved the crunch with the coating. Also, I loved the real crisp bits of chicken skin or just thin slices of chicken. The chicken was nicely seasoned and I really liked the wasabi mayo sauce which was one of the sauces that came with the chicken. It had a nice kick and wasabi taste to it.

Spicy Chicken Jeyuk


Today, this came with brown rice. The chicken was really nice and had a nice kick to it from spices that were similarly used in kimchi. The vegetables were a nice addition of carrot, broccoli and cabbage. The chicken was nicely seasoned and cooked and the brown rice (which I was hesitant in eating) was really nice.

I can see why Miss Kangsta is still popular. This place has been open since the market has open and many places in the Capital Market have been replaced with other food stalls. Another great thing about this place is all the serving dishes are biodegradable and that is always a bonus. One small problem about this place, is they call out your number, so you have to be close by to hear when your food is ready.

Previous Visit: November 2015

Address: 151 Willis St, Te Aro, Wellington

Facebook Page: Miss Kangsta