It was Betty Boop’s Birthday and she wanted to go to brunch. I let her decided where we were going to go and she decided Egmont Street. Surprisingly, Egmont has been open for over three years and I had never been for brunch until today. I was rather excited because I had also heard good things about their doughnuts and wanted to try one.

Fried Chicken, Burger Sauce, Pickled Cabbage, Sesame Bun


This burger looked good and was great seeing it being made. I was surprised to see that they steamed the bun first and then grilled. I suppose to get the bun soft again. The bun was brioche bread, which was nice but slightly too soft for the burger. The pickled cabbage was really nice and had a nice vinegar /fermented taste to it. The chicken was really nicely seasoned and nicely cooked, but I do wish the coating was slightly crispy. The sauce was a good addition and tied everything together. Overall a dam good chicken burger.

Chocolate Chip Doughnut


As I said there was been some good chatter about Egmont Street’s doughnut. They also had a peanut butter and jelly doughnut, which Betty Boop had and really enjoyed. In my doughnut, there was chocolate cream with chocolate chips mixed into it. The doughnut was not oily tasting and nicely covered in cinnamon sugar. The doughnut itself was light and fluffy, nicely cooked and had a nice thinness to it. I would say this is one of the best doughnuts I have had in Wellington.

Cold Brew


Love seeing cold brew popping up in cafes in Wellington. This was nice cold brew. I asked for the milk on the side. The coffee was nice, smooth and had some nice flavours to it. Adding the milk half way through changed the flavour of the drink and I like how I can get two different drinks for the price of one.  A great drink, especially having it black with the savoury and white with the sweet.

Service here is fantastic and we had the pleasure of sitting on the high table that overlooks the kitchen. It actually made it very hard to decide what to order, as I saw so many things being made. There seemed to be a lot of Austrian pancakes being made and although I did not feel like pancakes today, I will need to go back and try them. They looked so good and different from your typical pancakes. Thankfully also went to brunch relatively early and we got a seat as the place was pumping when we left. I think I will visit more often or even just pop in for a doughnut.

Previous Visits: Sept 16Sept 15 & July 15

Address: 11 Egmont St, Te Aro, Wellington

Website: Egmont Street Eatery