Last night in DC and my colleague and I wanted Popeyes Lousiana Kitchen Fried Chicken. We mentioned it to the students and we had a good company of students following us to have some fried chicken. When we arrived, I was surprised to see how clean the place was and surprised to see how inexpensive it is. Also, a bonus was that we had to wait for our fried chicken to be cooked, so it came out fresh and hot.



Five pieces of Fried Chicken, 2 Reg Sides: Mac’n’Cheese, Beans on Rice & Two Biscuits.

I could not believe that this was all under $10 plus tax. It was literally insane and I wondered if I would actually finish it. The chicken was really nice. I went for the Spicy option and it had a great crispy skin and nicely seasoned. Also, the bonus was it was freshly cooked and hot. The Mac’n’Cheese was ok and better than other versions I have had at other fast food outlets. The beans on rice, I actually like and also order it. The biscuits were light and fluffy and had a nice sprinkle of salt on it.

Hands down Popeyes is the best place for fast food Fried Chicken. I could not believe how inexpensive it was and I didn’t manage to finish my meal and gave it to some other students that didn’t go to Popeyes with us. I also got a small soda, which had unlimited refills and I did advise my students to get a small because it is the size of our large, but they got a large size and struggled with it which made me laugh.

Address: 1322 14th St NW, Washington, DC 20005

Website: Popeyes