Walked past this place when going out for our first night for dinner and decided to stop by for an end of night gelato. The only reason that I decided to give this place a try was that of the line of people waiting to get Gelato at 7pm and then again at 8pm. What was surprising about this place is that it does not display prices for their gelato, so we went kind of blind before going to give it a try.

Large: 3 Flavours


Mascarpone & Berries

This was a nice creamy gelato due to the mascarpone. There was ample berries layered into the gelato and was a good ratio between gelato and berries. There was an element of tartness, which I loved.

Roasted Strawberries

This was really nice. The roasted strawberries produced a really nice caramel flavour within the gelato. I really loved how it was not too sweet and creamy and produced a nicely round gelato.

Passionfruit Mousse

This was another great flavour. The passionfruit producing more of a tart flavour and cleansing the palette. It was smooth and really refreshing.

Small: 2 Flavours


Milk Chocolate

This was a good flavour but slightly a tad heavy. The flavour was nice and warm and very refined and smooth.


Another great flavour with a nice strong coffee presence. It was not bitter and had a nice smooth front and back end to the flavour.

Cold Brew


This was a really nice Cold Brew and I had this in the morning as I found a branch in the Hirshhorn Museum. Nice subtle flavours but not as fruity as I have tried in NZ. A clean flavour of pour over coffee. A bit more bitter. Add cream and it is a different story. A lot smoother at the front but the bitterness slight subsided and then the cream lingers around afterwards. Nice on a humid 27-degree morning.

​I can see why people go to this place. The gelato is really good and the flavours are fantastic. It was so good that we went both nights while we were in DC. The wait can be long but it is worth it. Also, it is slightly pricier than normal gelato but it is worth it. The staff are really nice and if you want you can even get a push pop gelato.

Address: 1418 14th St NW, Washington, DC 20005

Website: Dolcezza Gelato