My colleagues decided to go have a more sophisticated dinner while the students were having dinner at the many different food outlets at Universal Studios City Walk. We decided to try this place out as we wanted some vegetables and slightly healthier food than what our students wanted. However, one group of students did dine here but far enough we could have a more adult conversation.

Meizhou Pork Dumplings


Ground Pork, Mixed Vegetables, Ginger, Scallions

These were really nice, I loved the pork filling and loved the ginger and scallion inside the filling. I was not sure what was the vegetable that was inside but it was a great steam bun.

Roast Duck Noodles


Roast Duck Slices, Cucumber, Carrots, Purple Cabbage, Bean Sprouts and Savory Brown Sauce over Tender Noodles

I was surprised to see how small this was, compared to all the serving sizes of food at other American eateries. Also, the dish was cold, but we were told room temperature. The sauce was a mixture of black bean and hoisin and went really well with the noodles and vegetables. I did wish for some more slices of duck but overall it was a really nice dish and was more of a noodle salad. It also came with a side soup which was nice and typical standard Chinese soup.

Spicy Chicken


“the essence of what great fried chicken can be” – Jonathan Gold

This was really nice with the heat from the chilli and the Sichuan peppers. The chillis hit you straight away while the Sichuan peppers hit you afterwards. The chicken was nicely deep fried and also inside the dish were deep-fried potatoes that added a nice crunch to the chicken. I also order a bowl of rice and the chicken went really well with this.

String Beans


Work Fried String Beans, Mustard Greens, Scallions, Garlic, Chilli Pepper

These were some damn good beans.  I loved the chillis and the scallions and garlic in the dish. It all went together really well. It also went really well with the rice.

For a table of four, we didn’t order that much but we were satisfied with that we ordered. The food came out really fast and the service was very good. We did order some Chinese tea and that was slightly weird as it was quite sweet for me and one of my other colleagues. Overall a really great dinner with a great atmosphere.

Address: 1000 Universal Studios Blvd V103, Universal City, CA 91608