Friday night drinks and some co-workers including Betty Boop and She-Ra decided to go for some BYO eats. We looked at different options and decided to go to Istana Malaysia as it was across the road from New World where we got some bottles of wine/bubbly. This evening this place was packed and was surprised to see how well they handled the situation.


Combination of fried tofu, potato, vegetable fritters, fish-balls, spring roll, boiled egg and cucumber served with peanut and sweet chilli sauce

I asked this one without peanuts, which they accommodated for. When it came to the table, this is not what I expected. I was basically a salad without green vegetables and with sweet chilli sauce. However, it was really nice. I loved the fried pieces of tofu and the slightly deep fried fish eggs. The spring rolls were nice and as were the boiled egg. What I really did like was the deep fried potato that was also in this dish and the vegetables. There were also fresh bean sprouts and the sweet chilli went really well with everything. Overall a really nice starter.

Nasi Lemak


Coconut rice served with prawn sambal, beef rendang, fried egg, peanuts and condiments. A classic favourite in Malaysia

This was a monster of a dish. I was surprised to see what was actually on it. They use basmati rice, which was ok, but I do prefer coconut rice with the long grain rice. The beef rendang was really nice but I would have liked a bit more salt in the dish. The prawn sambal was really nice and had a nice sweetness and a really good spice kick to it.  I wasn’t too happy that there were peanuts on the dish, as I asked there not to be. However, I did eat around them it was just a little annoying and I didn’t eat the raw vegetables because of contamination.

Garlic Roti

I didn’t order them and I had a try and they were really good. They tasted freshly made and had a great amount of garlic on them. Yum!

Overall, a fantastic dinner at Istana Malaysia. They definitely get a younger crowd due to the place being BYO. Overall the service was really good and the food came out super fast. A great conversation had with a great menu on a Friday night. What else do you want?

Previous Visit: April 2017

Address: 1 Allen St, Te Aro, Wellington 6011