Discovered that Jackson Street Burger Co now opens at midday on the weekends. I have heard about it but had never been. So I asked She-Ra if she wanted to try it out with me, she said yes and suggested that I try The Donald as she had already been before as she lives across the street.

The Donald


200g Wakanui Beef, bacon, cheese, pickles, onion, smoky bbq, mayo

I was surprised to see how actually the small the circumference of the burger was. However, it did have a good height to it and you could obviously see all the different elements that were in the burger. I also found out why She-Ra wanted me to try this burger, as the last time she had it, it dripped all over her. However, as I have a bigger mouth, I manage to fit the height of the burger in there and was very mindful of what was coming out of the other end of the burger. The burger as a whole was fantastic. The brioche bun was toasted and I loved the crispy bacon and the Wakanui beef with the cheese melted between the two. The onion was finely chopped and I loved the pickles that they used. The smoky bbq sauce and the mayo worked really well together. Just be mindful of all the juices and some of the sauce dripping from the other side of the burger.

Dirty Bird


Crinkle cut fries mixed with popcorn chicken, covered in burger co. cheese sauce, gravy & diced bacon!

I just could not pass up on this big boy and luckily Betty Bop was also here for the ride. This is just a meal in itself. However, it is glorious. The fries and popcorn chicken were nicely cooked, but then you add the bacon, cheese sauce and the gravy and you have the “winner winner chicken dinner” here. These guys do not scrimp on the gravy or the cheese sauce and the fries and chicken are nearly swimming in it. I just cannot believe how good these dirty fries are.

Wow, what a food experience. Petone is becoming the place to be with more of the shops and eateries now opening in the weekends. With Wellington CBD now needing to pay for parking, I suspect more people are now driving north to get their fixes and goods. This place is fantastic and the food is well priced. I will definitely go back. Hopefully not next weekend though.

Address: 237 Jackson St, Petone, Lower Hutt

Website: Jackson Street Burger Co.