She-Ra and I decided to have a cheap dinner and a post night out debrief. I had a long day doing some stuff for work and asked if she wanted to join me for a cheap dinner in the Hutt. She-Ra is relatively new to Wellington and I decided to take her out to Nanny’s. I had not had Nanny’s since JP had moved back to Wellington and set up a permanent local in Lower Hutt. So I wanted to try it out.

Hot Wings


8 Chicken Wings Coated in House-made Hot Sauce

I decided not to go down the burger route as I ordered some poutine as well. The flavour of these wings was really nice. I loved the sweetness and the spiciness of them. The meat from the wings was tender and was juicy. I think they slightly boil the wings first and then lightly deep fry them to give them the texture they have. I would prefer if they just deep fried them and made them really crisp.



Fresh Cheese Curd Grated Mozerella and Parmassen Cheese Topped with House Gravy

This was a big bowl of fries. I loved the gravy that they serve with this chips and I loved how much they use as some of the chips were swimming in the gravy at the bottom of the bowl. The cheese was really nice and super stringy. I really had to use my knife to help swirl the cheese over the chips. The one slight thing I would change is that it tasted if there was chicken salt sprinkled on the fries and I would just get rid of it.

As to be expected this place rocks. The flavours of the food are so good and She-Ra really loved her jerk pork belly burger. For me, the disappointing place is the location. I just hardly go to the Hutt, but maybe I need to make a bit more of an effort.

Previous Visits – Nanny’s Food Truck: Jan 2017, Dec 2015

Address: 112-116 High Street Lower Hutt Lower, 5010

Facebook Page: Nanny’s Eatery