Back in Melbourne for a break and was looking to see what had been happening in the food scene since I was last here Korean Fried Chicken has taken off and a newish player on the scene is Gami. Besides selling fried chicken then also do some other Korean dishes and also brew their own beer. I decided to go to the eatery close to the Crown Casino as it received the higher rating compared to the other two in the city.



Mixed of wingettes & drumettes in 2 flavours of your choice

These were really nice but not necessarily the best Korean Fried Chicken I have had. The skin was really Crisp but I felt it could have been crispier but the chicken was nicely cooked and juicy. The spice was nice and had a bit of sweetness to it but not as spicy as I thought it should be and I feel they accommodated for the local market. The Soy Garlic was a really good flavour, again quite sweet but lovely amount of garlic in the sauce.



This came with the chicken and was quite interesting as it was really sweet. The vegetables were nicely cut up and then the mayonnaise was squirted on top. The interesting part was the tomato sauce that was also on the dish. Also, the other sides you get are pawn chips which you can eat while your food is cooking, which was nice. Also, you get some pickled daikon, which makes eating the spicy food a lot easier.

Spicy Seafood Soup


Assorted seafood, vegetables and sweet potato noodles in Korean style spicy soup

This was spicy and had a good kick compared to the fried chicken. The soup was really nice and had a lovely rounded flavour about it. In the soup was the sweet potato noodles, which was nicely cooked and kept it’s tenderness even while it was sitting in the very hot soup. Also in the dish were pieces of prawns and a generous amount of octopus, which I really liked. Slices of onions, cabbage, big pieces of spring onions and some other vegetables were inside. A surprise though was an egg in the dish which was also really nice.

Overall a really nice place but I think I can find better places that offer better-fried chicken. The service is good, but the place is in a weird location and if you don’t know where it is or what you are looking for it is really easy to miss.

Address: Basement, 26 King St, Melbourne VIC 3000

Website: Gami Chicken & Beer