Was walking around the CBD and felt like some ice cream and Sandy suggested that I should check this place out as it is organic and preservative free. It has been in Melbourne for a while as I have seen it a few times and decided to give it a try this time. There are some interesting varieties of the soft serve on the menu including one with edible gold leaf on it.



Served with Chocolate Coffee Beans and topped with Fairy Floss. Pour the Shot of Espresso and watch the magic happen

I also felt like some coffee so I decided to try this one out. When it arrived I was surprised to see how much candy floss was put on top of the soft serve. I tried to put the espresso on top of the candy floss and soft serve and made a bit of a mess. The candy floss just sort of disappeared and what was left was the sugar grains. However, the mix of espresso and the soft serve was really good. Such a good combination. Also in the mix were chocolate coated coffee beans which were nice and added a bit of crunchy texture to the soft serve.

Address: 287 Swanston St, Melbourne VIC 3000

Website: Milkcow