Caught up with MacGyver and I decided we should give this place a try as he had his kids with them. Pestle & Mortar has recently opened and I was interested to give them a try. This place is an espresso bar with a few baked goods on offer. They use People’s coffee, although I am not overall a fan of their coffee I wanted to see what this place is like.

Cold Brew


This was a really nice cold brew and tasted if they used a single origin bean for this. The cold brew without milk was quite naturally sweet and had a nice summer taste of passionfruit and nectarine taste to it. Halfway through, I decided to add some milk to the coffee. It made the coffee slightly sweeter and masked the flavours of the bean. Overall a nice cold brew, which I preferred having it black and it can be sometimes hard to come by as the staff apparently drink it all.

Flat White


I was surprised by the taste of this coffee. It actually wasn’t that bad and I liked it. The coffee had a nice caramel flavour to the coffee with the milk and had a nice depth to it at the end.

Almond Croissant


This is a good Almond croissant. I am not sure where they get them from but they are good. I am not sure if the croissant was twice cooked but it was good and had a nice almond flavour to it.

Overall I was impressed with the coffee on offer at Pestle and Mortar. The service was good and the barista made a dam good coffee especially as I am not an over fan of People Coffee.

Address: 108 Darlington Rd, Miramar, Wellington

Facebook Page: Pestle & Mortar