A nice summer day and Betty Boop and I decided to catch up for a coffee. Originally was going to go to Milk Crate, but because I mentioned the word Doughnut, Betty Boop wanted to go to Customs. Also, we manage to get an outside table which was a bonus on a beautiful Wellington Day.

Cold Brew with Naughty Milk


I decided to try their cold brew with naught milk. Besides, it being warm out. I was at their Woodward Shop a few days prior and they recommend that I try the Kenya Gichugu as a cold brew. I also discovered that naughty milk is 3/4 milk and 1/4 condensed milk. The Cold Brew was really nice and far too easy to drink on a nice day. The condensed milk added a nice sweetness, but I will need to try the bean without milk to actually identify the flavours of the roast.

Coconut Glazed Doughnut


I have not had a Little Dough Co doughnut for ages. There are so many doughnut makers now in Wellington. However, this was a really nice doughnut. I loved the amount of coconut on the doughnut as you could actually taste it. Also, the doughnut itself was really nice and not oily. The doughnut was just too easy to eat.

Still a great place to get a coffee. The doughnuts are still really good and as too the service. Highly Recommended.

Previous Visits: May 2016, March 2016

Address: 39 Ghuznee St, Te Aro, Wellington

Website: Customs by Coffee Supreme