Instead of going to Taste of Home for some food. I decided to revisit Me kong a few times and write about it. This place is open throughout the day which is really convenient and also the food is cheap. The place is busy during lunch and dinner time and always seems to have at least some people in their outside those times. So I thought I would see why it is quite popular.

Summer Roll – Chicken


These summer rolls were really good. So fresh that the chicken and noodles were still warm when I started to eat them. The chicken was nicely cooked and moist and as I said it was still warm. The vermicelli had a good texture and I liked the thickness of the noodle. Also inside the jam backed summer roll was lettuce and some mint. Overall a really good summer roll and the dipping sauce with added chilli oil just makes this dish so good.

Summer Roll – Pork


Again these were freshly made to order and were still slightly warm when they arrived at the table. The pork was nicely cooked and not chewy. The noodles and the mint was nice inside. I did forget to say that I am allergic to peanuts so I could not use the side sauce. However, I used chilli oil and hoisin sauce and it was still really good.

Banh Tam


BBQ Pork, Vegetarian Spring Rolls, Pork Skin & Coconut Cream with Minted Salad, Vermicelli Granted Carrot, and Fish Sauce

I decided to try something that I usually order from a Vietnamese eatery. When it came onto the table, you could smell the coconut cream coming from the dish. The spring rolls were freshly cooked and still steaming hot. I decided to mix everything together and discovered at the bottom was the fish sauce dressing. Overall this dish was bloody brilliant and I think I have found my new favourite Vietnamese dish. Everything worked so well and I loved the combination of the coconut cream and the fish sauce

Roast Chicken – Cơm Gà Xối Mỡ


Initially, I thought this dish needed some more chicken. However, I think because the dish was so bag compared to what was on the plate. The side salad was really nice and the carrots were pickled, which was a bonus. The Roast chicken, which was actually deep-fried was really nice and crisp and lightly seasoned. The side sauce was a great addition which I poured over the rice and ate with the chicken. Overall, a really nice dish.

Overall, I am really liking Me Kong and I think the Banh Tam is my new favourite dish. The service is fine and the food comes out fast and fresh. You don’t go here for the decor but you come here for the good fresh, cheap Vietnamese food.