Needed to get some lunch and decided to go to the Parliment end of The Terrace and decided to give Udon & More a try. I have walked past it a few times in the evening when I go to Little Penang for dinner (as you are always guaranteed a carpark) and it is either closed or about to be.  So as I had no work, I thought why not give it a try.

Chicken Kaarage


This was already made and was sitting in their warming cabinet/pie warmer. A little bonus is when you get it there is a selection of sauces and I decided to go with the Japanese Mayonaise. Unfortunately, the chicken was not very hot at all and was below warm, which was a real shame. However, the flavours on the kaarage were really good and had a lot of promise. I loved the spicy kick to it and I could imagine how crisp the chicken was. Overall great flavours and for $4, a great cheap snack.

Tonkatsu Ramen


Although I loved the presentation, it was sad to see the lack of space used in the bowl. I understand that you want to present the ingredients in the bowl, so they add less soup. However, if you added slightly more noodles you could make the bowl look fuller and add slightly more soup and make it more presentable. I liked the flavours on the tonkatsu soup and the noodles were really nice. The broccoli was a nice addition and I liked the corn, nori and pickle. However, the star of the show was the thinly sliced belly pork. It had such great flavours and there were quite a few slices of pork in there. It went really well with the noodles and soup.

Overall, Udon & More is quite a good place, especially for the price you pay. The service is good and generally, you get what you paid for. I am just surprised at how inexpensive bought lunches can be on that side of town. I understand they can add up if you eat there every day, but overall it is well priced.

Address: Shop 3 44 The Terrace Wellington

Website: Udon & More