We were walking around Queenstown along the lakefront and She-Ra decided that we have dinner here. It had the seating areas, in the restaurant, in the atrium, or outside on the wharf. As it was early and we managed to get a table outside on the wharf looking at the stream boat come in and also Lake Wakatipu. The menu is extensive and caters for all including a lot of vegetarian options.

Whole Baked Southern Sole


with capers, anchovy crumb and nut brown butter

This looked very basic on the plate and slightly smaller than I thought it would be, mainly because you only get the fish. I really liked the fried capers as they added flavour and texture. The anchovy crumb was nice and the butter was good. Overall I liked the flavours of the dish. However, the fish was overcooked for me and the sole was a bit to tough for my taste.


Decided to order some fries and likely I did and the fish would have not filled me up. The fries were nothing special and could have been cooked slightly longer. Also, I did expect a place like this to actually make their own or at least give a bit more but did not happen.

Overall a really nice environment to dine in and had good service but the food was only ok and wouldn’t really recommend. Nothing really special here and maybe you could find a better place for the prices you pay. However, it is Queenstown

Address: Ground Floor Front, Steamer Wharf Beach Street, Queenstown

Website: Finz Seafood and Grill