Time for breakfast and decided to try Bespoke Kitchen from the recommendation of one of my cousins. The menu is very “clean” compared to most eateries in Wellington and I did find it slightly harder to find something I wanted. However, the eatery has a menu to order from but also an extensive option in their cabinets.

Apple, Raspberry, Ginger Slice


This looked really nice that I had to order it from the cabinet. Actually, it was quite hard to decide but I ended up getting this one. I loved the roasted almond slices on the top and loved the ratio of Apple and raspberry. The slice was nice and moist and I wish I did get a bit of cream on it but I never got asked if I wanted some. Overall a great slice.

Poached Eggs on Toast with Halloumi


I was surprised when this came to the table. One, that it came so fast. Two, the amount of Halloumi on the plate. The poached eggs were ever so slightly cooked too long as you could see that the yolk was pale yelled around the edges. However, they were nice and fresh. The toast was good but I lived the Halloumi and it went so well worth the poached egg and the sourdough toast.

Overall a really nice cafe that easily can accommodate for gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan eaters. There is both inside and outside tables to sit at and the service is really good. Parking is not the easiest but spaces do become available quite fast. Prices, however, I would say are on the more excessive side, but it is Queenstown.

Address: 9 Isle St, Queenstown

Website: Bespoke Kitchen