We were wondering around Queenstown township liking for somewhere to have dinner and ended up at Madame Woo. I have heard of this place before and knew there were other outlets and knew about Josh Emmet being behind it but have never been. so when we walked past and She-Ra suggested that we try it, I didn’t refuse. The menu is based on hawker style food from the Malaysia and Singapore but with a slight English twist. The English twist was the European price tag.

Hawker Rolls; Pulled Sticky Pork


with Pickled Cucumber

This looked really good with fresh ingredients. I loved the use of fresh chillis placed on top as a garnish. The roti bread was different from the Singapore roti bread I am used to was more dense but nice. The pork was really nice and having the kick from the chilli was a real bonus. The salad was nice and made the roll feel lighter.

Honey and Soy Tossed Squid


Cashew Nuts, Szechuan Pepper, Chilli

This was really nice. I have had a dish like this but with chicken or pork. The squid was fresh and tender and had a light batter around it. The cashew nuts were lightly toasted and added a nice crunch to the dish. I also liked the caramelised onions that were cooked in the sauce. I did eat a whole dry chilli which added a good kick, but I did also try the Madame Woo Sirachi sauce which was nice but did not really have the kick I wanted. I did have this with a side order of jasmine rice and was an overall a good dish.

As I said, this place has Hawker style food but at a European price tag. I feel it is overpriced and the food was good but not worth the price you are paying. The service was good and as was the atmosphere. There are actually several Madam Woo eateries around NZ but placed in strategic places to optimise customers. There are not many options for this style in Queenstown so I can see why it is popular but I will pass the next time I am in town.

Address: 5 Lower Ballarat Street Queenstown 9348 NZ, The Mall Ballarat St, Queenstown

Website: Madam Woo