Of course, when you go to Queenstown you have to go to Ferg Burger. She-Ra didn’t really want to go as she didn’t want to line up. However, she discovered that place has crazy hours that we went for breakfast. I am aware that for breakfast you usually eat breakfast food. However, as we were at Ferg Burger I decide not to and go for a non-breakfast burger.

The Cod Father


South Coast Blue Cod, Tempura Batter, Fer’s Dill Tartar, Lettuce, Tomato, Red Onion & Aioli

When I unwrapped this I was taken back by the size of the blue cod fish fillet. It was of a good size and also thickness. The fish was so fresh and sweet, I personally love blue cod as a fish and the light tempura batter made it so good. I loved the dill tartare sauce and you can really taste the dill. The lettuce and tomato added freshness to the burger and went well with the aioli sauce.



I decided to order some fries as well but didn’t eat all of them. I loved how the skin was still on them and it gave the chips extra flavour. However, they were slightly over seasoned with salt for me. I also had the wasabi mayonnaise sauce and loved how you could actually taste the wasabi in the sauce. A great compliment for the fries.

The Morning Glory


Bacon & Egg with a Hash Brown, Lettuce, Tomato, Red Onion, Tomato Relish & Ferg’s Tarragon Mayonnaise 

For a breakfast burger, this was damn good. The bacon was nice and crisp and love the crispy hash brown. The majority of the egg was cooked so it didn’t go all over your clothes and face. The tomato relish was nice and sweet and the aioli they use goes really well with the lettuce and tomato. Matching it all together this may be the best breakfast burger I have had especially for the price.

Honestly, I do believe that Ferg Burger is overhyped. The lines are crazy and then the wait time is also crazy. We went two times but at 9.30am and had it for brunch and didn’t eat till dinner time. The burgers are huge and worth the price. However, if you compare them to burgers in other cities there are better but because they have made a name for themselves and been around for 18 years it is a real achievement. Queenstown is small but filled with tourists and I do wonder how many locals actually go there to eat. It is a good price but not worth the wait. Go have pie at Fergbaker instead.

Previous Visit: December 2016

Address: 42 Shotover St, Queenstown

Website: Fergburger