Haven’t written for a while as I thought I would stop blogging as it is just getting too much and going out all the time is starting to really hurt my wallet. However, it is Winter Break and decided to go on a drive up to Kapiti and decided to try this place. I did originally try to go to Olde Beach Bakery but it was just too busy and there were no facilities so I decided to try the Salt and Wood one of their related eateries. This place is also a mini-brewery and serves food through the day and evening.

9 HR Smoked Brisket


with Pickles, Swiss Cheese and BBQ Sauce

This arrived at the table and I was speechless. This burger was so tall. So tall I couldn’t even eat it with my hands and ended up using a knife and fork. There were at least eight slices of brisket in the burger. The flavours were amazing and I loved the smokey taste from the BBQ. It wasn’t as soft as other brisket I have had but it was bloody good. I loved how the cheese had melted on top of the brisket and the pickles were really good. Also, the BBQ sauce was generous and so good and even better if you wanted more there was some on the top to which you could add to the burger. Overall a really good burger and for $16 this was so good.

Corn Bread


with Smoked Jalapenō Spread

I did wonder how much cornbread you would get for $8, but this was more than I expected. I loved how the cornbread was crisp on the bottom and top. The smoked jalapenõ spread was legendary and I loved the creaminess and the spice. Overall, a really good side dish.


I was very impressed with this place. The food and service were fantastic. The servings were very generous and had great flavour. I really loved their housemade sauces, especially the espresso hot sauce. I did try to take some home but they had sold out. Overall, a fantastic place to dine in Kapiti and I will be back to try another of their burgers and try to take some espresso hot sauce home.

Facebook Page: Salt and Wood Collective

Address: 11 Ngaio Rd, Waikanae 5036