Decide to visit Rams again. I have not been for a very long time and thought I would give it a try again. I was not very impressed the first time I went. However, I only tried the chilled oil dumplings and since so many people talk about it and more Asian students go I thought why not.

Potato Tower


Pepper Potts wanted to see this instead of seeing it on the menu. I have to say it was rather impressive. Visually it looks rather impressive. However, tastewise I was not that impressed. The potatoes were flavoured with sweet chilli sauce, salt and some vinegar.

Fried Steam Buns

These looked good when they arrived on the table. However, I felt the buns were not deep-fried long enough as the crust was still quite spongy and not crisp. I bit of a shame really.

Salt and Pepper Tofu

I really liked this dish. However, it did need rice as it was quite salty on its own. The tofu was cut to a good size and I loved the spice kick in the dish. On the bottom was some raw cabbage. I suspect it was just a garnish or to elevate the height of the dish but it was really nice with the tofu, but lettuce would have been better with the tofu.

Orange Beef


I was really impressed with this dish. I actually loved the thickness of the cut of beef and how it was not all decent cuts of beef full of meat instead of fatty cuts. The batter was nice and the sauce was really tasty and had a nice flavour. This could be one of the best Orange beef I have had.

Chilli Oil Dumplings: Pork and Prawn Dumplings


I thought I would try these again. However, I went with the Pork and Prawn Dumpling. The dumplings were quite nice but I did wonder where the prawns were in the filling. The skins were slightly too doughy and thick but the sauce was nice with the dumplings.

Fried Chicken On Rice


I had this for lunch one day. Ram’s has it’s own lunch menu and is rather cheap. However, the quality was quite good. The chicken was nicely cooked and I liked the sauces on top, which I think was some kind of mayo and a teriyaki sauce.  I also asked for chilli sauce which went really well with the dish. Not a bad dish for $10.50.

After trying a few dishes. I can see why people go here. It is cheap and the food is relatively good. I love going back to my roots and eating Asian food. The problem about Chinese Restaurants and eateries is their menus are so full of different dishes and it is really hard to know what they do well and which dishes you can pass on. Also, being bought up with Chinese food, I have a different perspective on what is good and what is just bad. Rams for me is alright. Will I go back? Yes, because I want to explore their menu you see why people go there. So tell me what is good here!

Past Visits: Jan 2017

Address: 171 Cuba St, Te Aro, Wellington 6011

Website: Rams Crazy Dumpling Restaurant