Was strolling around Melbourne and felt the force of the Bahn Mi calling. There are a lot of places where you can now get a Bahn Mi in Melbourne CBD, but I walked down a laneway and found this place which is also rated really highly on Google but not Zomato.

Bahn Mi – Honey Pork


This place doesn’t have the classic three meat Bahn mi, I don’t think, so just order the Bahn mi at the top of the menu board. The roll was packed with pickled carrots. There was a good amount of chillis and you could taste the mayo. I do wish they did add a bit more pate though as it was fairly weak. They added a generous amount of coriander which usually I am not a fan of but went really well in this Bahn mi. The Honey Pork packed a lot of flavours and was made from ground pork so you don’t actually know what is in there. The roll was fresh but not crisp which was also slightly disappointing.

Overall this place makes a good Bahn mi. Although there were a few disappointing elements, it is still better than any Bahn mi in Wellington. If you want a quick eat and something different this place makes a good Bahn Mi.

Address: 34 Equitable Pl, Melbourne VIC 3067