Pho Thin is a famous little eatery in the French Quarter in Hanoi and it has very recently opened an eatery in Melbourne. I had passed it a few times where there was always a line of people queuing up to eat here. So I decided to give it a try one night and after eating there did some research and found out a bit of history about this place and why people are wanting to eat there. Generally, this place only sells Pho with a few extra sides but nothing else. Basically, keep it simple and only sell what you do well.

Pho – Mixed with Brisket and “Stir-Fried Up” Rare Beef


There was a lot of stuff in this bowl and no side plate to be seen. There was no mint, Vietnamese basil or bean sprouts to be seen. In the bowl were flat rice noodles, the soup, and heaps of spring onions and coriander. The broth was really good and I loved it. It was very flavoursome and packed a lot of flavours. The brisket was really nice and I loved the “stir-fried up” rare beef. It just worked so well and I didn’t miss the long pieces of rare beef you usually find.

Overall, this was a dam good bowl of pho. I especially loved that there were no bean sprouts. I found out why they don’t add it to their pho because it changes the taste of the soup and I would absolutely agree. I loved how the bowl was packed with spring onions and there is still fresh chilli and fresh lemon wedges you can add to your bowl. This place totally worth trying.

Address: Shop C, 389 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne (enter via Hardware Lane)

Facebook Page: Pho Thin