Wanted some Korean Fried Chicken so I found this place that was rated highly and close to my hotel. I went for lunch as I wanted something more on the light side, but of course, that didn’t really happen. The eatery is quite small. However, they do manage to utilise their space outside of the eatery and have also manage to provide cover on those wet days. The menu is quite expansive but as a bonus, there is also free miso soup which you serve yourself, but I thought it could have been hotter.

Chicken Winglet – Hot Chilli


These Fried Chicken pieces actually come with the sauce on the side and you have to dip your chicken in vs the sauce tossed in with the chicken. Each way has its merits and I am not sure what way I would go. The winglets were nicely cooked and the coating was really crisp. There was some light seasoning with the coating but you did need the sauce. The Hot Chilli packed quite a punch but also slightly sweet. I did like I could control how much sauce I could add to my wings as my mouth would have burned if it was covered in this hot sauce. Also, I don’t think there is an elegant way to eat these and just be prepared that you will need to use your fingers.



Surprised to see these come with tomato sauce. However, no real surprises about these chips. They did have some kind of seasoning which made them slightly too salty for me but they went well with the hot chilli sauce.

The Korean Fried Chicken is good here and I did like how the sauce came on the side. However, I was surprised to see some green in the basket as I didn’t think it was necessary. The food came out pretty fast. Not many people around me ordered the Korean Fried Chicken, but I suppose it was lunchtime and people in their suits didn’t want to get their fingers dirty.

Address: 3/200 Queen St, Melbourne VIC 3000

Facebook Page: GoodOvening Korean Restaurant – Melbourne