We discovered one of our drive-share drivers is a real foodie and told us to give this place a try. I originally thought it was a Japanese hamburger joint when they were talking about it but after some research, it was something different with a Japanese twist to it.  She told us that they would be a line of people waiting to get in but it moves relatively fast so we knew what to expect when we arrived.

There is a buffet salad bar which was a real winner and that you access once you order. There was some great Japanese twists on your European/American classics. There was some cold garlic noodles with chilli oil, the potato salad was so good. Deep-fried tofu, cold tofu, seaweed salad, and lots of other greens and vegetables. It was just so good. There is also an egg station where a person can fry an egg and add Japanese sauces on top, scramble eggs and egg omelette. Another winner in my opinion.

My main arrived which was the Triple Cheese Prime Hamburg Steak Set. A meat patty with molten cheese inside and a added their Keisuke Original Sauce which added a nice element to the dish. The patty was so tender and I loved the cheese just oozing out of it. Also, there was miso, rice, tofu and the crumbed deep-fried prawn which was a real winner.

Finally, there was dessert which also had its own station that you could just help yourself. There some fresh fruit but the real winners were the coffee jelly which was really bitter and went well with the sweet cream. Also, there was some Green Tea Jelly which I was a bit apprehensive to try but man it was off the chain and so good.

As to be expected the service was really good and the food felt like it comes out in time, but I suppose because you have access to a salad buffet it makes time move faster. The decor is good with some USB charging points on some tables. Also, I got to try this Wasabi Ginger Ale and man it was really good and refreshing and compliment the meal well.

Address: 72 Peck Seah St, Singapore 079329

Website: Hamburg Steak Keisuke