Everyone has told me that when in Singapore I have to have Chilli Crab. I then discover that you just cannot go anywhere and that you must actually go to Jumbo. I was fortunate enough that Cookie Monster was in Singapore the same time as I and had a group of mates who live in Singapore that also wanted to have Chilli Crab.

IMG_8531Cookie Monster and one of his friends organised to go to the branch in ION on Orchard Road. I wasn’t going to complain and was happy that I was finally going to have it and also sample some other dishes as we were a relatively big party. His friend did the ordering and as he was a local and he had an idea of what to order.

Obviously, dish number one was Chilli Crab. Although I did know this, it really does not have a lot of chilli in it and that it is tomato-based. The crab was obviously very fresh and we also had some mantou (fried bread) on the side so you could use it to soak up the excess sauce that the crab was cooked in.

We had another version of crab and that was Stir-Fried Crab with Golden Salted Egg Crab. I did prefer this dish over the Chilli Crab. It was a lot richer but I really liked the salted egg that had caked onto the shell and gave the crab flesh a really nice flavour and contrast to the sweetness. 

Another exciting dish was the Live Prawns Fried with Cereal. It was really nice and like a more dried version of the Salted Egg Crab but with crispy crumbs. You eat the whole prawn including the shell. This was one of my favourite dishes of the night.

We also had the Beancurd and Associated Seafood Braised in Claypot which was really nice and the Home-made Vegetable Beancurd Braised with Crab Meat which was a winner also.  Baby “Kai Lan” was something I had never had before as you only get it in its mature form in New Zealand and it was a lot sweeter and not as stringy.

In addition to that, we also had the Supreme Seafood Fried Rice which was good and the Mee Goreng “Fried Noodles Malay Style” which I thought was the best Mee Goreng I have actually ever tried. It had a nice tomato base to it but had a really nice kick and flavours.

Overall, this was a great experience trying Chilli Crab and I can now tick it off my list. Everything was really fresh and the service was top-notch. They also supply you with a bib (as it gets quite messy), finger bowl and wet wipes.  A great dining experience and recommend to go with a group of people.

Address: 2 Orchard Turn, #04-09/10 ION Orchard, Singapore 238801

Website: Jumbo Seafood