I only stumbled upon this place as I wanted to try somewhere else. The placed I planned to go to had no line and I wondered why and did some more research and the more recent reviews were not as good as the past reviews. I then decided to try this place because it had quite a long line of locals so it must be good.

The food does take a while to be cooked as they make it fresh but everything I ate costed the total of $6.50 which I thought was a deal. I decided to try their 1st and 2nd dish. So the Wanton Noodles and the Dumplings Noodles both dry.


Firstly, the soup was really nice and tasted as it was made of real bones and ingredients. the noodles were both really nicely cooked and had a nice bite to them. The sauce that came with could have been a bit more flavour to it, but it was still good. The char siu was nice and adding it with the noodles was a good move. The wantons were good but I actually prefered the dumplings which had a bit more flavour and depth. Overall, a good hawker stall.

Address: 14 Haig Rd, #01-62 Hawker Centre, Singapore 430014