OK, I am a Curry Laksa lover and imparticular Singapore Curry Laksa. I like Curry Laksas’ that have shrimp base in them and made more from a paste than curry powder, which from my basic knowledge is a Singapore Curry Laksa. I did some research and this place was rated really highly among foodies. 328 Katong Laksa has several branches in Singapore and managed to find the one in the area of Novena.

This branch is situated outside with cover and some fans to cool you off. There is some sitting and I wondered if there was enough seating for all their customers. I ordered a Curry Laksa, a Nasi Lemak and an Otah. The Nasi Lemak and Otah were already cooked and wrapped and ready to give to customers. the Laksa they make to order, but a very interesting way to cook it. Everything is already pre-cooked liked the clams, fish cake slices and the noodles. However, to heat them up they add them into the bowl with some raw bean sprouts and then add soup into the bowl, swirl the soup around and then pour the soup out. They do this at least four times and the last time they leave the soup inside the bowl and wipe the outside.

The Nasi Lemak was really nice and inside was the rice, deep-fried sardines and a nice fried fish. There is also a packet of chilli sauce. Mixed together and it was really nice. The Otah was OK. I have not really had a lot of them so I don’t really know what they are meant to taste like. The Laksa though was out of this world and so good. I loved the soup and the flavours in there with the coconut milk, stock and the shrimp paste. The noodles were this thick rice noodles and you only need a soup spoon to eat the dish and no chopsticks.

Overall I was very impressed with this Curry Laksa and learnt a new way to cook my noodles and other ingredients. I would love to go back and have another laksa but not on this trip.

Address: 101 Thomson Rd, #01-K1 United Square, Singapore 307591

Website: 328 Katong Laksa