I decided to try Lin Heung Tea House in Hong Kong Central. It is apparently one of the oldest in Hong Kong and has been popular with locals and tourist alike. However, it is set to close it’s doors as it’s lease has not been renewed and the building might be redeveloped.

If you are looking for a clean place to have food, this is not it. It is “old-school” Chinese charm and you fight for a seat when you arrive. However, I did not have to do that as I timed it right. You rinse your bowl, cup, chopsticks and spoon in a larger bowl filled with tea and the food comes to you and you chose what you want.

I decided to go the “old-school” route and ordered Har Gow (prawn dumplings), Fung-Chow (Chicken Feet), Pork Cheong-Fun (rice roll) and a Quail Egg with Pork and Shrimp. I really liked all the food, the har-gow were loaded with prawns, and the chicken feet were really tender and had some nice flavours. However, I think overall everything is slightly unseasoned for me, but if I was going to have this for breakfast early in the morning, I wouldn’t want food that was too salty or has too many flavours.


This place is not bad for food. When I went there were all the retired people ready newspapers and just talking. The service is not great but if you want a real Chinese experience this is where to go.

Address: 162號 Wellington St, Sheung Wan