Went to Kwan Kee Claypot for a late-night snack. I was in my hotel room when I was doing some research about Claypot Rice and discovered that Kwan Kee was only minutes away from my hotel. So I decided to head for a walk with a blister in tow to try this place at.

Even at 9.45pm, this place was pumping and luckily I manage to get a seat outside. However, just before I got my meal, a table became available for me to sit inside. This place is very Cantonese charm with not only stools and non-matching tables but it does not look the cleanest. So I ended up, as you do, cleaning my bowl, spoon and chopsticks with Chinese tea to give the fake reassurance that the tea cleaned everything. I ordered the Claypot Rice with Beef, Lap Cheong (Chinese Sausage) and an egg.


The Claypot took quite a while to come to the table. It is because they cook to order and because they were busy. First, they oil the pot, cook the rice in the pot and then just as the water evaporates they add the other ingredients to cook and heat up. Once it had arrived, I added the sweet soy sauce and started mixing everything together. However, having difficulty with the rice that stuck to the bottom, but that became easier to deal with when the clay pot cooled down.

Overall, this dish was really good. I loved adding the egg and their sweet soy sauce went so well with the rice, the strong flavour of the lap cheong and the marinated beef. It was just so comforting to eat. What I especially liked was the fan jiao, which is the crispy and slightly burnt rice at the bottom of the bottom. It really added a different texture to the soft rice and also have a slightly nutty flavour to it. Just so good!

Address: Wo Yick Mansion, Shop 1, GF, 263 Queen’s Rd W, Sai Ying Pun