Been told I should try this place out. Also, I got told only to go for a single. One I did and the other I didn’t and maybe I should have just done both. It seems like Dimitris has a bit of a following in Christchurch and seems to be one of the more popular places in Riverside Market.

As you may have worked out, I didn’t go for a single. I ended up going for a double and the reason was that I wanted to try their Falafel and also try their lamb, so I went with both, which I think is pretty awesome that you can mix your warm fillings. While I was ordering, I was amazed at how big they were and I knew I should have gone for a single but my devil on my shoulder said to go for the double.


In terms of Souvlaki, these are good, but the one thing that is missing from this Souvlaki is the fries. However, with everything they put in, I doubt you could fit anything else in. The pita bread looks like they are housemade and nice and fluffy. The lamb was nicely seasoned and the falafel was really nice and had a nice crunch to the outside of it. Inside, where freshly cut tomatoes and lettuce and had lots of yoghurt and a fresh housemade tomato sauce. This was a nice souvlaki and they even give you a fork so it makes it easier to eat. This is just a great meal with meat, vegetables and carbs. What else do you need?

Address: 96 Oxford Terrace, Christchurch Central City, Christchurch 8011

Facebook Page: Dimitris Greek Food