No this is not a review of a Musical, but a little place that I found in the BNZ Centre in the Christchurch CBD. It is in their courtyard with some inside seating but more outside. The menu is quite limited to Pho, Bahn mi and Summer Rolls. I thought I would try their Bahn Mi as it seemed like this place was quite popular with the working folk of Christchurch.

I just went with the OG Bahn mi and with the optional spicy version and I have to say was very impressed. The roll came warm with the crust nice and crisp and the inside fluffy. It had the right ratio of pate to mayo and cold meats but could have done with some more pickled carrot. You could also see the chilli in there and it packed a good punch. Overall could be the best Bahn mi I have had in New Zealand.

Address: 120 Hereford Street, Christchurch Central City, Christchurch 8011