Discovered a place in Ōtautahi that makes and cooks the Korean Corn Dog. So I instantly had to go and try it. This is a small shop in the classic New Regent Street and has a few seats inside to sit out but mostly uses the space outside on the carless street for patrons to seat at.

I ordered the Snack pack with 3 pieces of Korean Fried Chicken and some fries, two extra pieces and the Mozerella and Sausage Korean Corn Dog. With the Korean Freid Chicken, I had it with the Seasoned Chicken; Korean style Sweet Chilli Sauce and the BBQ Chicken; Korea’s Secret Spicy BBQ Sauce. First off the fries were good and had some seasoning on them and it was a bit more than just salt and I wondered if it was just the magic sprinkling of MSG. The Fried Chicken was OK, I have had better Fried Chicken, the sauces were also OK, but preferred the BBQ sauce version as it had a nice kick to it.

The Corn Dog, had mustard, tomato sauce and cinnamon and sugar on it and I have to say it was OK. I did enjoy biting and then trying to stretch out the mozzarella, and having the sausage this time was different. However, the ones I had in Auckland were so much better from Might Hotdog. A good addition to the food scene in Ōtautahi and if you want to try the Korean Corn Dog it is worth a visit.

Address: 21 New Regent Street, Christchurch Central City, Christchurch 8011

Facebook Page: New Regent Chicken & Chips