Walking around Riverside and decided to give Shaka Bros a try, the sister eatery of Bacon Bros. Instead of it’s older sister, Shaka Bros have it’s on premises, it’s own seating and also outdoor seating. The menu is also different with the same sides though.

I decided to order the Mysterious Naomi; Fried Chicken, Bacon, Halloumi, Chorizo, Lettuce, Avo and Chipotle and also some Deep Fried Caulifolower. When the food was ready, I was surprised to see all the food packaged in takeaway boxes instead of the wood boards at Bacon Bros. Which, I would presume creates more waste. The Cauliflower, was disappointing. It didn’t have the seasoning nor texture, I thought it should be or I have had at Bacon Bros. The burger though, was good. I liked the combination of the different items especially the halloumi in the burger. The burger is packed and is a bit messy to eat, but I made sure I had napkins on hand to deal with that.

Overall, not a bad eat, but I would head over to Bacon Bros instead of having Shaka Bros. Yes, it is easier to find a seat here and it has a great place to sit outside. THe menu items are different but the OG is always the trend setter and should be respected.

Address: 96 Oxford Terrace, Christchurch Central City, Christchurch 8011

Website: Shaka Bros