I have not been to Sydney for around 15 years and never went into the CBD for over 20 years. I decided to travel to Sydney as I wanted a bit of an escape to a city I have never really been to before and just wanted to scope it out and get lost. I decided to try Malay and Chinese Takeaway as this place was recommended to me by a foodie friend who lives in Sydney, and decided to go try this place as my first meal. 

If you are looking for a nice modern place to eat, this is not the place. It is basic, dated and some people may even say it is dirty. However, I love a good rundown eatery, as it means that people go there for a reason, and it is not the decor. You have to order pretty fast here, and food comes out super fast as well, even faster than McDonald’s, some may say. So I ordered a Chicken Curry Laksa and a Mee Goreng, and before I could get my cash out and receive the change, the Curry Laksa was already waiting for me, ready to be picked up. 

After sitting down, I dug into the curry laksa. It had some lovely tender chicken, tofu, chilli, sauce, bean sprouts and rice noodles in the laksa. The chicken was so good, and mixing the chilli added a nice touch to the dish. The rice noodles were cooked perfectly, and the laksa itself was really good. It had a good coconut flavour with shrimp paste. Just the way I like it and all just for $13.70 AUD.

The mee goreng came slightly later and was interested to see that lettuce was sprinkled on top. The container was so full and jammed packed it was pretty hard to get the food out without it spilling out. Also in the mee goreng was potato and some small bits of beef. Overall this mee goreng especially for $14.50 AUD, but I have had better.

Overall the star of the show and the shop is the Curry Laksa. This place gets ultra busy, and most people seemed to order the curry laksa. I made the mistake of sitting at a table for four instead of sitting on the high chairs and felt like I had to rush and eat my food. However, it is not a place that people stay for long and is just a quick in-and-out eat, but well worth a visit.

Address: 1/50-58 Hunter St, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia

Website: Malay Chinese Takeaway