Ramen Time!

I love me some ramen, and Wellington has shit ramen. Yes, people, it has shit ramen!

So when I go travel. I go get my fix of Japanese ramen. I like the Tonkotsu ramen and also like Tsukemen rame, which is where you dip your ramen into gravy or soup. However, on this outing, I decided to go the Tonkotsu route. My foodie friend recommended Gumshara, and so off I went.

Gumshara is located in a food court, and it seems that most of the people there are eating their ramen or going to a stall selling a dish with a whole fish. It is cash-only here, and I decided to order the Garlic Tonkotsu ramen with a soft-boiled seasoned egg. The food comes out pretty fast, and In addition, I added spring onions, extra garlic, pickled ginger, chilli oil and this Chinese chive with chilli to my bowl of ramen. I only ordered a regular, which was quite a big serving size. Although it had a hard-out garlic flavour to it (due to me adding in extra garlic). However, this bowl of ramen was so good. The char siu was tasty, the ramen was cooked perfectly, the egg was outstanding, and the soup, although more on the saltier side, was really good, and I was pleased that I tried this place.

After doing some post-eats research on this place. I also discovered they do this pork sparerib ramen. So I went back the next day and ordered it. Holly Shit, this is next-level ramen. The pork rib was massive, juicy, and tasty and went so well with the Tonkotsu. This was a mind-blowing dish. You really cannot imagine what this is without actually tasting it. 

Overall, this place is legendary, and so glad my friend recommended me to this place. Yes, it is in a food court, but who cares? The building outside doesn’t look so clean. However, inside it is. So, if you want a no-fuss eat that is cheap, then this is the place to eat.

Address: Haymarket NSW 2000, Australia

Website- Gumshara