All my Asian friends and relatives talk about Mamak. I also talk about Mamak, but I have never tried the one in Sydney and have only been to the one in Melbourne CBD. I walked past a few times, and there is always a line, just like the one in Melbourne. So as people do, I waited in line and watched some roti being made to go get me some Mamak. 

After only waiting for under 10 mins, I was seated. They have limited their number of seats due to Covid, so everyone is slightly spaced out. Also, the menu and ordering is online via the QR code on the table, or you can go to the counter and order your food there. I decided to go for their Roti Canai and a Nasi Lemak with Fried Chicken. 

The Nasi Mamak came first, and was slightly disappointed as I said no peanuts in the comment section, but no one read that, and the dish came with peanuts. However, I put them on the side plate. Their Sambal and Deep Fried Anchovies are so good. If I could, I would buy some to take home. The Fried Chicken was also really nice, and the rice was very good. Such a nice dish and does remind me of Singapore. 

The Roti Canai came once I had finished my Nasi Lemak, and I am not sure if you can ask for a better Roti. It is slightly fluffy and so tasty. You then dip it into the different sauces like the sambal, Lentil curry or the curry sauce and this dish and worth it’s weight in good. 

Overall, well worth the wait to eat at Mamak its OG store. The food is so good and tastes so genuine. Love this place.

Address: 15 Goulburn St, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia

Website: Mamak