Did a bit of a walking mission to try some cakes at Koi. If you didn’t know, Koi is pretty famous in Australia due to Reynold Poernomo doing well in Masterchef Australia and being given the name Dessert King. There is a different selection of cakes, and I was excited to try some of them. The difficult thing, though, was that I decided that I would try two, but I wanted to try them all. I decided to try the popular ones, the Nomtella and Black Sesame, and ordered a Flat White. 

The cakes. They do look very pretty and are presented very well. However, not on the cheap side, but understand why. The Black Sesame was a rather refreshing and light cake. It had subtle hints of sesame, and loved the combined flavours of the coconut and yuzu. The Nomtella on the other hand, was very contrasting. It had a nice full-on chocolate flavour and subtle hints of coffee, but it loved how the caramel was in the centre. Wow!

With the Flat White. Luckily I asked if it was a double shot, as I know some places in Australia only do a single shot. Here they only do a single, so I upped it to a double. The coffee was nice and very rounded, and I do wonder what it would have tasted like as a single shot. 

Overall, very nice cakes here and would like to go again and try some other ones. The decor is very nice and minimalist, the service was very good, and the cakes are just presented beautifully.

Address: 6 Central Park Ave, Chippendale NSW 2008, Australia

Website: Koi Dessert Bar