It seems when I go overseas, I tend to go to places that Wellington eateries try to offer but can’t. We have shit Ramen, Curry Laksa is hit-and-miss, and Banh Mi is quite sub-standard in Wellington. As Melbourne has a good Banh Mi scene, I thought Sydney might as well. So when you search for Banh Mi in Sydney, Marrickville Pork Roll is the place that comes up with a high Google rating as well. 

Marrickville Pork Roll has two small food stalls in the CBD. Each really only fits two customers, and basically, you order at the door, you walk out, and two minutes later, your Banh Mi is in your hand, ready to eat. Marrickville Pork Roll only sells Banh Mi and has their process down pat. The bags are already open for the filled roll to go in, and the pickled carrot and daikon are already mixed together ready to put in a roll.

The first one I tried was their BBQ Pork Roll with fresh chilli at the Haymarket Hole in the Wall. The bread roll was nice and crisp, and very difficult to know where to start. The pork was nice and not the Chinese BBQ pork that other places use. It is more on an intense smoky flavoured slice of meat. Overall very nice.

The second time around, I got the OG Pork roll from their Hole in the wall near Circular Quay. and inside that had the more traditional Chinese-style BBQ pork inside. Also in there were the other two styles of meat that go into a more traditional Banh Mi. I prefer this one better. I just wished that put slightly more pate in it. 

In both rolls I loved the cucumber, pickles, pate and everything else they put in both rolls. The rolls were fresh, big and difficult to have that first bite. The roll can be pretty messy due to the crispy roll, but who cares about that if the Banh Mi is good? 


7 Loftus Ln, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia

16 Steam Mill La, Haymarket NSW 2000, Australia