This place came up on my Curry Laksa search. I thought I would try it and see why people are talking about it. Also, there was some chatter regarding their Chicken rice, so I decided to try this as well. As the prices are reasonable, I decided to order both dishes. However, when I arrived this place was rather disorganised. No number was given so they can call out your number, just chopsticks or a soup spoon to indicate what you ordered on a try. Once it is ready, they call it out, not even necessarily writing it down somewhere. Anyway, it seemed to work as I got my food.

First up was the Curry Laksa. It was packed with goodness: tofu, chicken, prawn, fish cake, fish balls, bean sprouts and rice noodles with optional chilli sauce on top. Each of the elements was cooked nicely. The curry laksa was good and full of flavour. However, it was a bit too sweet for me and would have liked a more savoury fish/prawn flavour. 

Next was the Chicken rice. You have the option of thigh or breast, and of course, I went for the thigh. Surprisingly, a lot of meat in the place and also that they added the wing to the dish. The chicken was cooked nicely and had nice silky skin. Also, the cucumber underneath was a good eat. The soup was good, but the garlic rice was better. If I were going to change anything, I would have preferred it all on one plate, so the sauces get to mix with the rice like the chilli and soy sauce that is poured over the chicken. However, overall was a good dish.

Rating-wise, I feel people go here for their chicken. It was good and tasty, and people tended to order this dish. Overall a cheap eat. It is easy to miss as it is in a basement of a not-so-clean shopping mall. However, these are some of the places you need to go to eat for Asian food.

Address: Pittsway Arcade, 303 Pitt St, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia

Facebook Page: Sayog Curry & Laksa