Decided to give Din Tai Fund a try in Sydney. I have not tried the one in Melbourne, and the only ones I have tried are in Singapore and Los Angeles. I have to say, though, that this place seems a bit dated and needs a bit of a cleanup. They are short-staffed, and apologies for the slow service, which I have to agree was not great. Ordering food is all done on a tablet, and you hardly get any human interaction as the food is delivered by those roving waiter robots. However, I did get some as I needed a spoon and wanted water.

Of course, you come to Din Tai Fung to have their Xiao Long Baos, and I also decided to order their chicken cutlet with fried rice. The Xiao Long Baos came out pretty fast. I was slightly disappointed as I thought they would be slightly bigger. Also, they struggled to lift off the paper as they stuck to it. It disappointed me as I lost the soup to three of them. Overall, taste-wise, they were really good. Would have appreciated some ginger, though, to add to my vinegar.

The Chicken cutlet came after I had finished my Xiao Long Baos, and there were no spoons or bowls on the table, so I struggled initially to eat it with a chopstick. I had to use the call system to get a waiter to get me a spoon. The chicken cutlet was nice and had a nice crisp coating to it. The fried rice was alright and nothing to call home about.

Overall, I was disappointed with Din Tai Fung. Yes, they were short-staffed, but the food quality was average. I feel if you want Xiao Long Bao in Sydney, don’t go here try to find somewhere else, but not sure where that is.

Address: Shop 11.04, Level 1/644 George St, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia

Website: Din Tai Fung