When there is a line, there is a reason why and when there is a line for food, I investigate. After investigation, I discovered Emperor’s Puff, which is connected to Emperor’s Garden Cakes & Bakery. People were buying quite a few, so I had to try some. Also, they were super cheap, so when in Chinatown.

These little puffs are made to order with this cool-looking machine. It pours the dough into small moulds, adds the custard closes the mould and then cooks them. It seems pretty simple, but I suspect it isn’t. 

I bought 10 for $5, and beware that when you bite into them, you will burn your mouth with the custard. I knew that before eating them, but I just couldn’t wait to try them. These puffs are these delicate little balls with warm (and also hot) custard in them. They are not very sweet but are very morish. 

Well worth a try, you can even buy one if you want, but of course, I have no self-control.

Address: 75 Dixon St, Haymarket NSW 2000, Australia