Was walking around Darling Square at night and discovered all these people lining up outside Messina, a Gelato shop. I thought, why not discover why people are lining up by joining them and buying a scope or two? 

Even though there can be a line, it moves pretty fast. Like most places, you can now try flavours, which I decided not to and instead just try Pandan and Coconut Gelato and Chocolate Fondant on a cone. The Chocolate Fondant was quite rich and had a full chocolate flavour and, thankfully, was at the bottom of the two scoops of gelato I ordered. The top scoop, Coconut and Pandan, was so delicious. Man, I wish I could get this at home as I would always order it. If you like coconut, this is the one for you. The cone was also nice and fresh and had a nice honeycomb flavour.

A few nights later, I went back and ordered the Coffee and the Macadamia Crunch in a cup. The Coffee was good and had a nice flavour to it, but could have gone a bit further in the coffee flavour for me. However, the Macadamia Crunch blew me away. It was so good. I loved the crunchy bits of caramelised macadamia. It was a top-class flavour.

Overall well worth a visit if you are walking around Darling Square.

Address: Shop 02/3 Little Hay St, Haymarket NSW 2000, Australia

Website: Geltao Messina