Generally, when I travel, I don’t drink coffee, but I had some time to waste and discovered that there was a Coffee Roaster close to my Hotel. I couldn’t be bothered sitting in as it looked like people were there for weekend brunch, so I went around the corner of the shop where they served takeaway coffees with some simple outside seating. 

After talking to one of their helpful staff, I discovered they serve single-origin filter coffee via a tap. Two were cold, and the other two were hot.  I told the staff member that I couldn’t decide and asked if I could try them all before purchasing one, and she nicely said yes. (Also, you can purchase a single-origin coffee without being served by someone as they have one of the Donation Paywave machines where you just tap and go). 

When I tried them, I mistakenly went the wrong way, trying the cold one first that had Oat milk in it, and I should have had this one last. However, this was a really easy drink and differentially for people that aren’t used to a black coffee. It was very rounded, and I think they used one of their blends for it. Next, I tried the El Cippres – Peru; Cold Brew. This was also very easy to drink and had hints of summer fruit and honey. Next off the lot was the Shiwanda Estate – Tanzania, a light roast with hints of citrus. The last one was the El Cippres – Peru, but as a hot brew and the brighter flavours came through. However, I went for the Cold Brew of the El Cippres. Overall all of these beans were lightly roasted and had very summer flavours to them, and not funky at all. Just easy drinks. 

Just before I left, I had a Double shot Flat White, and yes, even for a double shot, the coffee was very light. Not my “cup of tea”. I felt the milk overpowered the coffee, and the coffee had no grunt. 

Overall, a very nice place to sample some coffee. It is also very popular. Well worth a visit if you want to sample some good single-origin beans.

Address: 60-64 Reservoir St, Surry Hills NSW 2010, Australia

Website: Single O