I am always on the hunt for good Malaysian. It has been one of my go-to food options since I had it as a kid. It could be because I love the combination of spice and wok-he. I originally intended to go to Uncle Man’s but looked for alternatives, and this place popped up. It had got some major recognition for its food, especially its beef rendang. So off I went.

I got a table, and the owner identified that I was of Asian descent and immediately thought I was Malay. I said no and said I was from Hong Kong, and she started speaking to me in Cantonese. I originally intended to try the Nasi Lemak as I thought it may come with the beef rendang. However, she told me it came with the chicken sambal. Instead, she suggested I try the rendang with the nasi rice, which I thought was a good idea, and I also got a piece of roti.

The food arrived, and there was a lot of food on the plate, which I could have easily shared. The nasi rice was really nice, which I think was coconut rice, maybe cooked with some pandan leaves. I really did like the depth of flavour in it. The Beef rendang was really nice but different to what I was expecting. The rendang I have had all had the beef cut into cubes and then melted and crumbled in your mouth. This beef was cut into strips and then coated with cornstarch so the meat stayed tender and juicy. It was very different, and can see the Cantonese cuisine influence in this dish. However, rendang itself was so good. The depth of flavour was unbelievable, and loved the cardamon pods and cloves in the thick sauce. It was so yummy. The piece of roti was also nice but slightly too dense for me. I would have enjoyed it to be thinner and crispier. It had the crisp factor but was slightly too dense for me. However, it went really well with the rendang.

I can see why this place is popular, and I will go back. I would be interested in trying their other dishes. Surprisingly, this place has no internet presence except for its accolades. An interesting choice, but it definitely plays in their favour as when you search for the place you just see all the positive stuff about them.

Address: 356 Karangahape Road, Auckland CBD, Auckland 1010