Happened upon this place when watching some random Instagram Reels. Somebody took a video, and as I was coming up to Auckland, I was intrigued, so I decided to try it. Not surprising Auckland would have a place like this compared to Wellington. As I have said before and will say again. Wellington’s food scene is boring, getting stale, and nothing new is happening. The same people open different eateries with the same European / fusion cuisine. Unfortunately, Wellington doesn’t get international traffic or migrants to start new and interesting eateries. Just the same people doing nearly the same thing.

Cyber Toast is an Authentic Korean Street Toast vender in Auckland CBD. I went for a late lunch and ordered the Outrunner as the person behind the counter asked if I was a first-timer and suggested I order it. The Outrunner has; grilled chicken breast, fried egg, cheese, cabbage and a gochujang hybrid sauce inside two pieces of grilled bread. Firstly, the bag they serve the toast in is genius. It is an envelope with your sandwich inside and can easily tear the sides to get easier access the more you eat it. However, the sandwich was really good. I really liked it. It lacked some seasoning with the chicken, but it was still good. I loved the sauce and the fermented gochujang flavour. I would have preferred my egg to be slightly under down, but then I would run into trouble and make a mess of myself.

Overall, a great place to get a light lunch or even breakfast (as they do a breakfast sandwich). Well worth a visit.

Address: 8 Commerce Street, Auckland CBD, Auckland 1010

Instagram: Cyber_toast 2086